Saturday, 16 July 2016

tavern tile 1x1

Hey guys im back after a bit of an absence after i lost my means of taking pictures.I havent been completeley idle however.The first of the 1x1 boards sections is well under way.I carved the street layout into the a sheet of thick white foam board.When this was finished i covered the entire surface with grout to harden it and add some durability.

After the the buildings were glued down.I added sand wood and other debris to the interior of the tavern ruin as well as along the outline of the building where debris would have fallen.After the sand and other debris was dried and place i cut some squares of cardboard which i hardened with glue and placed along the roadway and path areas to simulate paving stones.

The fountain also needed some touching up as holes and irregularities began to appear in the water effects for some reason.This led me to changing the water color  to a muddy brown color again.I added a zombie model in there for scale purposes.

With all the messy stuff out of the way i added some details like the signpost near the fountain and thanks to my cousin over at i also got some cool tavern related bits in the form of a beer keg and some tankards.You can just about make them out scatttered around the rubble near the bar area of the tavern.

All thats left for this part of the project is the paintjob and some finer details as i plan to add some dead static grass and tufts near the fountain and possibly some dead leaf scatter to really give it an eerie ghost town feel.

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