Saturday, 30 April 2016

Fountain part 3

Heres the fountain with the additional layers of dry brushing added.I applied another layer of fortress grey across the pavement and rubble.Followed by a very light stippling of bleached bone.I also applied fortress grey to the oval patterns on the fountains base to help it stand out.I  gave the areas in between another drybrush but this time with codex grey.I also gave the ornament another layer of boltgun metal followed by a highlight of mithril silver.i then applied a final light wash of nuln oil

I then tried my hand at the water effects.i wanted to go with a stagnant muddy effect to help with the ghost town feel.I concocted a mix of camo green and desert yellow and mixed it with some watered down pva glue.then poured it directly into the fountain bowl.Its still wet in the picture so im not exactly sure how its going to turn out myself as of yet.It appears much brighter in the pictures I took.i also noticed it seemed a bit thicker than i hoped.Not sure if i mixed it incorrectly or if its the result of using extremely cheap glue.Im hoping however when it dries fully it will have the desired transluscent effect.

Thats all for now next il be hoping to start work on the flag for the ornament and adding more water effects as the mixture dries out.Photos seemed to have washed out the colour a bit i included a skeleton warrior for scale

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