Sunday, 8 May 2016

Tavern part 1

I decided to keep busy while i was waiting on the water effects on the fountain to dry.So i pushed on to what will accompany the fountain on the first of my 1x1 tiles.A tavern is a nice themed building i thought would go well within the market area.

Using more sprue bricks i built up the front face of the taverns exterior walls.Leaving plenty of gaps where bricks have blown loose or collapsed. I plan to add additional walls corner and pieces later on to close in the structure.I focused on the ground floor adding some timber frames to the original brick structure and then filled in the interior edges with some rubble and other decorative bits.I also added a lantern and a sign to the front entrance.

After the glue from the main structure dried.I built the frame for the second story floor using more sprue cut offs.With wooden floorboards added i glued it directly onto the ruin.Im going to halt construction at this stage and add paint before moving on to the second floor walls.

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