Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tavern part 2

Over the last day or so i got cracking on with the tavern.I got the brickwork on the ground floor painted using the same method i applied to the fountain.I also added some smoke damage around ruined areas of wall using a heavy drybrush of chaos black working up to codex grey and skull white as i got closer to the centre.

After i had the brickwork done i started building the second level.Deciding on a wooden structure i glued some cut up pop sticks together to get the basic shape i was after.I Added some decorative cladding using more pop sticks and a window from the fortified manor kit.I had to scrap the original second story floor base as it was to weak to support the wall.I  replaced it with another base again using pop sticks.

Once the pva dried i added some much needed support to the second level in the form of an adjoining wooden wall section seperating the second story into two rooms.I also added two support pillars on the ground floor to help keep the second story base level.Unfortunately this cant be seen in the picture as i was afraid to move the structure for a rear view shot.The whole process was extremely messy and difficult especially when working with still drying pva glue.It collapsed so many times i came close to rage quitting a few times!.Thankfully i mustered the pacience to be able to see it through.Im hoping too get working on the paint job for the second storey over the coming days as soon as the glue dries and i work up the courage to actually touch it.I also ended up building the second storey much higher than i anticipated somehow as you can see from the picture.The skeleton spearman is dwarfed by the building!

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