Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fountain part 2

So i picked up my brushes again for the first time in an age and made a start on getting the fountain painted.after a basecoat of astronomicon grey i began to pick out random bricks from the pavement and the fountain pillar using a variety of greys and browns.As cobblestones  and medievil structures are rarely uniform in colour or pattern.I then basecoated the sand with khemri brown to give the impression that the earth was showing between the gaps.I was afraid that by sticking to stoney grey colours that when that it would wash out the whole table on completion.So i needed to work in some alternative colours to stop everything blending together.The main structure of the fountain was given a coat of fortress grey.The ornament was based with leadbelcher  before a drybrush of boltgun metal and a sepia wash.

I followed up with some dry brushing over the earth with graveyard earth and stippled some fortress grey to simulate some loose rubble on the top.I took some ripped up sponge and stippled the fountain with camo green to give the stone a mossy impression around the base.I followed this with another drybrush of codex grey to tie it all together as i didnt want the green to be too prominent.The whole piece was then given a heavy wash of devlan mud.

Im about half way through the painting process all thats left is to add some final layers of dry brushing and some highlights.Il be moving on then to the water effects and adding some additional details to the base.As well as coming up with something to add to the flag pole

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