Saturday, 30 April 2016

Fountain part 3

Heres the fountain with the additional layers of dry brushing added.I applied another layer of fortress grey across the pavement and rubble.Followed by a very light stippling of bleached bone.I also applied fortress grey to the oval patterns on the fountains base to help it stand out.I  gave the areas in between another drybrush but this time with codex grey.I also gave the ornament another layer of boltgun metal followed by a highlight of mithril silver.i then applied a final light wash of nuln oil

I then tried my hand at the water effects.i wanted to go with a stagnant muddy effect to help with the ghost town feel.I concocted a mix of camo green and desert yellow and mixed it with some watered down pva glue.then poured it directly into the fountain bowl.Its still wet in the picture so im not exactly sure how its going to turn out myself as of yet.It appears much brighter in the pictures I took.i also noticed it seemed a bit thicker than i hoped.Not sure if i mixed it incorrectly or if its the result of using extremely cheap glue.Im hoping however when it dries fully it will have the desired transluscent effect.

Thats all for now next il be hoping to start work on the flag for the ornament and adding more water effects as the mixture dries out.Photos seemed to have washed out the colour a bit i included a skeleton warrior for scale

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fountain part 2

So i picked up my brushes again for the first time in an age and made a start on getting the fountain painted.after a basecoat of astronomicon grey i began to pick out random bricks from the pavement and the fountain pillar using a variety of greys and browns.As cobblestones  and medievil structures are rarely uniform in colour or pattern.I then basecoated the sand with khemri brown to give the impression that the earth was showing between the gaps.I was afraid that by sticking to stoney grey colours that when that it would wash out the whole table on completion.So i needed to work in some alternative colours to stop everything blending together.The main structure of the fountain was given a coat of fortress grey.The ornament was based with leadbelcher  before a drybrush of boltgun metal and a sepia wash.

I followed up with some dry brushing over the earth with graveyard earth and stippled some fortress grey to simulate some loose rubble on the top.I took some ripped up sponge and stippled the fountain with camo green to give the stone a mossy impression around the base.I followed this with another drybrush of codex grey to tie it all together as i didnt want the green to be too prominent.The whole piece was then given a heavy wash of devlan mud.

Im about half way through the painting process all thats left is to add some final layers of dry brushing and some highlights.Il be moving on then to the water effects and adding some additional details to the base.As well as coming up with something to add to the flag pole

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Fountain part 1

Im back again this time with a different piece.Iv decided to put the market stalls on hold as i want to see how my test piece looks with a lick of paint.Just to make sure im 100 per cent happy before continuing on.

In the meantime i decided to start working on the centerpiece for the market i needed a rough idea of how much space id have to play around with.Since Mordheim is played on a smaller 4x4 surface.Il be building seperate 1x1 tiles that i can swap in and out to keep the gaming surface varied.I wanted to make sure the entirety of the market fit within the designated 1x1 square.

So for the base of the fountain i used some basic items i found lying around the house.the main body was built from a lid from and old coffee jar which i weathered with knife to add some damage.i then took a smaller lid this time from a soft drink bottle and glued it down within the centre of the first lid

I wasnt entirely happy with the height of the central platform.So i decided to build a pillar from bricks i made with some cut up sprue to add some extra height.As it started to take shape i began to pack the bricks more loosely along the outside to make it look as if the pillar was slowly collapsing on itself.Before adding the griffon with the flag post from the fortified manor kit as the ornament.I finished with some sand and sprue rubble to the floor of the fountain and the edges of the collapsing pillar.

I then glued the main structure to a blank cd as a base.Using more sprue bricks as cobblestone paving.I deliberately left some gaps at this stage so i could add some sand and rubble to fill in areas where the paving has been damaged and worn away.

Iv included some shots i took along the way to show how it all came together.This is all from this piece for now.Il likely be adding some more debris and other details from my bits box to the base before.i touch up the sand on move on to the paint work and water effects for inside the fountain

Monday, 18 April 2016

Market Stalls part 1

So when i tried to visualise the design for the cursed city.I knew i wanted an open market square with some merchant tents and stalls and maybe a fountain for my warband to fight through.As a market area is prett much a staple for any medievil or fantasy city

I decided this was probably the best place  to start with the limited supplies and budget i have for this project.I started work today on the first of stalls.i had the idea of using cut up lengths of sprue  to create scenery so after a quick google search i seen i was not the only one and it can be done quiet effectively. Its also a great way to get rid of all those empty sprue frames.

I cut up some spew to the required lengths using a model to get a rough size for each support beam for the stall.I then glued them together in the rough shape i wanted and added some lolilpop sticks to the frame to make the finsihed the Mordheim had been levelled by a comet i deliberately made it rickety and weathred so i cut and scored the supports and lollipop planks with a knife to give them a delipitated look.

I love open world role playing games like the eldar scroll series.especially the attention to details that really absorb you into the world.This inspired me to to the same with my after a quick root through my bits box .I  rooted out a rusted breastplate and some shields from the vampire counts skeleton box.I added them to the finished structure of the stall to make it seem armour and accesories were sold here before the comet hit.

Apologies for the poor photo quality best i can get at the moment

I was quite pleased with the finished product especially for my first was quick and relatively easy so im hoping to pump out a few more variations of stalls over the next few weeks.let me no what you guys think.Thanks for looking