Sunday, 15 May 2016

Tavern part 3

So i finished the bulk of the painting on this stage of the tavern build.I applied some graveyard earth the wooden cladding on the front drybrushing with some bleached bone before a wash of nuln oil and devlan mud.I settled on a white theme for the main exterior wall and continued the scorching and burning effect around the weathered areas of wood with watered down chaos black followed by a drybrush of codex grey and skull white

For the inside i took a darker approach with the wood as the majority of fire damage would occur on the interior .Starting with scorched brown before working up to graveyard earth. I then continued the fire and smoke damage but this time applied it much heavier to the interior walls. I  also applied it to the rubble scattered around the second floor to help with the smoke damage effect i was going with.I then picked out some od the details like the lantern and shield on the first floor

Im finished with this piece for now apart from adding a tavern sign from the fortified manor kit over the door and possibly some extra details like furniture and decorations once have it set on a permanent base.Thankfully it was quite sturdy after the glue had dried but still needs to be solidly grounded

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