Sunday, 8 May 2016

Fountain part 4 Finished !

After a ridiculously long wait the water effects for the fountain have finally dried.I lost count of the amount of applications i had to use to fill it to a suitable level.I eventually settled for a simpler murky green colour after my first attempt at the water failed.

For the flag i drew a rough shape on some card that was lying around.I made it double sided and cut out the square in the middle to create tabs as you can see in the picture.It was then just a matter of sticking both sides and wrapping it around the flagpole.I stiffened it with some pva glue.

I wanted to keep any flags or banners id be using throughout the project in line with the setting.I could find no official hearaldry for Mordheim.Since it was once the capital of Ostermark i went with the provinces purple and yellow scheme.Which ironically is the colour of the county flag for where im from !

So thats it on the fountain.I am quite happy with the result since this is my first finished piece.came together nicely for something made out of random bits i found around the house.

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