Monday, 18 April 2016

Market Stalls part 1

So when i tried to visualise the design for the cursed city.I knew i wanted an open market square with some merchant tents and stalls and maybe a fountain for my warband to fight through.As a market area is prett much a staple for any medievil or fantasy city

I decided this was probably the best place  to start with the limited supplies and budget i have for this project.I started work today on the first of stalls.i had the idea of using cut up lengths of sprue  to create scenery so after a quick google search i seen i was not the only one and it can be done quiet effectively. Its also a great way to get rid of all those empty sprue frames.

I cut up some spew to the required lengths using a model to get a rough size for each support beam for the stall.I then glued them together in the rough shape i wanted and added some lolilpop sticks to the frame to make the finsihed the Mordheim had been levelled by a comet i deliberately made it rickety and weathred so i cut and scored the supports and lollipop planks with a knife to give them a delipitated look.

I love open world role playing games like the eldar scroll series.especially the attention to details that really absorb you into the world.This inspired me to to the same with my after a quick root through my bits box .I  rooted out a rusted breastplate and some shields from the vampire counts skeleton box.I added them to the finished structure of the stall to make it seem armour and accesories were sold here before the comet hit.

Apologies for the poor photo quality best i can get at the moment

I was quite pleased with the finished product especially for my first was quick and relatively easy so im hoping to pump out a few more variations of stalls over the next few weeks.let me no what you guys think.Thanks for looking

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